General objective of the project

The launch and piloting of the “Youth Social Eco-Innovation Lab” – a virtual collaboration space with open access for the creation of social eco-innovations led by young people.

Specific objectives of the project

    • Lab launch and piloting
    • 15 virtual collaborative workshops
    • 3 ideas of social eco-innovation projects generated within the project
    • 3 case studies on the collaborative process, the effectiveness of the lab and specific youth-led project ideas
    • Customized online training course for youth workers on how to foster active citizenship, initiative and entrepreneurship among young people in the field of social eco-innovation and how to facilitate virtual collaboration between young people
    • Dissemination campaign

The target group of the project is represented by the following categories:

Youth workers – those who support young people through non-formal learning or activities aimed at improving life skills, key competences and active citizenship.

Young people – aged between 13 and 30 years


Partners: TERRA Millennium III Foundation, the Resource Center for Education and Professional Training (Romania), BEST INSTITUT (Austria), Social Innovators (Bulgaria)

The total value of the project is 250,000 euros

The project is developed within the Erasmus+ program, carried out by the European Commission for education, training, youth and sport.